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Why settle for an ordinary plant protein, when you can get the most out of every workout with International Protein’s Vegan Plant Power Complete Protein. 


  • Plant-based protein source
  • May improve muscle recovery and growth
  • May increase energy 
  • Stevia-free
  • May improve absorption and digestion 


Whether you’re wanting to bounce back quicker from a workout, enhance your performance or improve lean muscle growth, International Protein Vegan Plant Power Complete Protein is designed for hard-training athletes wanting to perform and recover better, without having to sacrifice their dietary requirements. 

Wondering what’s inside? To support muscle growth and recovery, Vegan Plant Power Complete Protein contains a protein blend consisting of Pea Protein, Organic Brown Rice Protein, Mung Peptides and Pea Peptides. The hydrolysed di and tri peptides from protein-rich mung bean and pea proteins are particularly beneficial for supporting your performance and recovery. Additionally, the formula also contains vegan Glutamine, Leucine, and Methionine to make Vegan Plant Power Complete Protein nutritionally equivalent to whey protein. 

Did you know that many vegan MCT powders still contain small amounts of dairy-based casein? But don’t worry, you won’t find that there. This delicious formula contains a truly vegan source of MCT Powder to deliver an energy-rich, fast-burning fat source, which will help to protect your muscles and fuel your workouts. To further support energy, organic Maca has been added to the formula. Maca has been used as a powerful plant medicine for upwards of 3000 years, owing to its rich vitamin, mineral and amino acid content, which will help to nourish your muscles and increase energy while reducing stress. To top off an already incredible formula, International Protein has added DigeZyme digestive enzymes, including protease, to help improve the absorption and utilisation of amino acids. 

Don’t worry, we know that when it comes to protein powder, flavour does matter. To deliver a premium quality formula that still offers a little sweetness, International Protein Vegan Plant Power Complete Protein contains a small amount of natural low GI organic coconut and delicious natural flavours to deliver a superior stevia-free protein.