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Protein Synergy 5 by International Protein

What is Protein Synergy 5 by International Protein?

If you’re tired of purchasing several tubs of different protein to suit a specific training time period, then you’re in luck. Protein Synergy 5 from International Protein offers you a complex and effective formula that is geared to promote anabolism while avoiding catabolic effects. This means you’ll be protecting your current level of muscle WHILE you are building more!

Combining five incredibly powerful protein types, Synergy 5 is the key to achieving your desired physique.

What are the benefits of using Protein Synergy 5 by International Protein?

Synergy 5 uses a unique and heavily researched blend of 5 proteins in their incredible“Complete Growth Formula”. This is the protein supplement that will ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste in the weight room, on the track, or anywhere you sweat. You’ll get the amino acids you need and the positive nitrogen balance to trigger maximum benefits. It’s all about digestion speed. Each of these protein types has a different digestion speed, ensuring your benefits extend for hours.