About Us

Beast Mode Supplements is a family owned health & supplements store founded in March 2013. We provide customers with easy access to the best quality supplements at low prices and with the right advice to go with. We aim to help you reach your health & fitness goals as that is our drive & our personal passion.

The BMS Crew is so passionate about helping you achieve your goals, we provide supplement advice to in-store customers, over the phone and online. We don't just sell supplements - we listen to YOUR individual needs and help you to find what you need to fulfil your potential.

We pride ourselves on friendly, professional service. Not only will you find competitive prices on our entire range, after speaking with one of the crew we know you will feel happy and confident with the down to earth - non-intimidating approach we have to health & fitness.

You'll leave our store with great understanding of what you are supplementing and why. Our crew have NO SALES TARGETS, unlike some other large chain stores, and they do not know what products have higher margins which ensures our recommendations are for your individual needs.

We do know HOW TO HELP YOU! Come see us in store TODAY!