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ATP Science Alpha Prime (120 Caps) helps to detox unwanted estrogen out of the body to increase the correct estrogen ratio to increase fat loss and promote more lean muscle.

  • Support estrogen reduction
  • Increase Fat Loss
  • Promotes Muscle Building
  • Help combat cortisol 

ATP Alpha Prime is a clinically formulated natural herbal supplement that has been designed with the intent to help men prevent and treat high levels of estrogen while supporting optimal testosterone. This ratio between estrogen and testosterone plays a big role in how well you will be able to build lean muscle and lose body fat.

Estrogen is a good hormone and is needed by both men and women. It is an essential component of cardiovascular health and also the production of hair, skin and nails. Once estrogen has been created and done its job doing the good things it is meant to be cleared away from the body through the liver and certain good detox pathways.