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Block E3 by ATP Science is your best friend when it comes to estrogen dominance. With a trifecta of tested ingredients - Chrysin, Bladderwrack and Black Pepper Essential Oil - Block E3 works to tighten and smooth out your skin as well as improve muscle definition through targeting isolated fat deposits on the stomach, buttocks, and thighs. In both men and women there is often a build-up of toxic estrogen known as Xenoestrogen in these locations. This is generally due to our frequent exposure to chemicals contained in cleaning products or cosmetics, or compounds such as BPA which is found in plastic bottles and plastic eating containers. 

This build-up of toxins and foreign compounds as xenoestrogen can lead to estrogen dominance and may cause unwanted side effects including stubborn fat or water retention, lack of muscle definition and a decrease in testosterone levels (a hormone key to building and maintaining lean muscle mass). Block E3 is a body shaping serum that works to reduce the amount of toxic estrogen held in these areas, which can help to reduce the fat and fluid being stored, giving you a firmer, smoother appearance.