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Why use casein protein?

Casein protein is known for its slow sustained digesting effect and has a great amino profile. The slow absorption rate could be an advantage and disadvantage depending upon the time you are taking it.

Fast digesting Whey isolate should be taken post-workout (after training).

Slow digesting casin protein makes a perfect breakfast snack and night protein option. Slow digesting casein protein can provide you the adequate amount and sustained release of protein (amino) supply throughout the day/night, and make you feel fuller for longer. 

Suggested use:

2 level scoops (40g) 

Snack: Add 2 scoops (40g) in 110ml of cold water or milk. Mix throroughly in a bowl, blender, or shaker for a smooth desert style custard.

Mixing tips: To ensure consistency is to your liking, start by adding 110ml of water or milk to the mixture while stirring (for 2 scoops - 40g). Then, slowly add more water or milk if a thinner consistency is desired. Ensure the powder is mixed through completely before adding more liquid.