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D-Fine8 is back, and it’s better than ever before! Musclewerks’ new and improved potent thermogenic formula allows you to enjoy all of the benefits you loved most about the original formula, but with a huge range of brand new features for even better results than before!

Where cutting-edge ingredients meet a result-driven formula, D-Fine8 is an advanced potent thermogenic fat burner designed to deliver the ultimate supply of smooth, sustained, crash-free and natural energy, an enhanced mood, splitting focus, boosted cognitive function, and reduced appetite and cravings. Where quality and effectiveness are concerned, Musclewerks D-Fine 8 doesn’t compromise on either. This game-changing new formula will cover all bases through improving your physical performance and endurance in the gym, while simultaneously reducing those unwanted cravings in the kitchen!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Reduced appetite and sweet cravings
  • The best tasting fat burner for 8 years and counting
  • Potent thermogenic fat burner - D-Fine8 contains Paradoxine, which is a non-stimulant herbal fat loss ingredient widely-known and utilised due to its ability to trigger thermogenesis and promote a faster metabolism. Paradoxine targets brown body fat and is shown to increase your calories burnt by up to 400%, without increasing your heart rate. What does this mean for you? A potentially faster route to shedding fat and losing weight! 
  • Smooth, sustained & crash-free energy - Not only does D-Fine8 contain three varying speeds of caffeine release to offer sustained and long-lasting energy without the crash, but the formula also contains Synephrine to ensure a smooth and levelled out energy supply. Not to mention, the additional Vitamin B6 added to the formula will also help your body convert food into energy, while simultaneously supporting your metabolism. 
  • Splitting focus & cognitive function - The formula contains N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, which is an amino acid best known for its ability to influence adrenaline and dopamine in the brain as a means of reducing stress and improving mental performance, cognitive ability, memory, alertness and focus. D-Fine8 is the ultimate cognitive enhancer! 
  • Mood enhancement - Tyrosine produces brain chemicals that help nerve cells communicate, which is known to result in improved alertness, attention and focus, as well as mood regulation. Additionally, D-Fine 8 contains Cocoabuterol, which is a thermogenic fat burning supplement widely recognised for its energy boosting and mood enhancing properties. Above all else, Cocoabuterol helps to protect against declining cognitive function, serotonin balance, and anti-anxiety and stress.

With a new sophisticated formula and the same old flavour range that has been widely-adored for eight years and counting, Musclewerks stand proudly behind not only the quality of the new and improved formula but also the flavour.