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Estro is a premium hormone support dietary supplement formulated to provide women with a mood-boosting, healthier balance of estrogen levels.

Estro has been crafted using 10 key ingredients to support naturally occurring estrogen, regulate monthly cycles, assist with detoxification processes and many other cleansing and rejuvenating health benefits!

Benefits per Serving – At a Glance

  • Reduces mood swings and bloating
  • Supports thyroid function and weight loss
  • Healthy boost of Dopamine

This women’s health product features proven detoxification promoters including DIM; an ingredient extracted from Broccoli Spout assisting with phase two estrogen detoxification processes to rid the body of excess hormones.

Stress and anxiety are two high contributing factors leading to poor physical health and mental drain amongst women on a daily basis. We can combat this takeover with a range of plant extracts and other ingredients including Ashwagandha and Lemon Balm.

Curcumin boasts powerful antioxidant properties and is known to reduce inflammation. It’s also shown to help regulate Hepatic Estrogen metabolism while supporting the roles of both DIM and Vitex.

Estro by Primabolics is a non-flavoured encapsulated formula designed for easy, on-the-go consumption to suit the super busy lifestyles and schedules our bodies constantly endure.

Get back to the real you with a revitalised, healthy estrogen balance and return to tackling the day in a more positive, productive and overall happier mood! Give Estro Natural Balance Support a try today!