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Hydroxycut Shred by MuscleTech has scientifically formulated a supplement to take your fitness journey to a new level. Hit the gym with your full potential and let the results rolls. Transform your body to your desired fitness goals and give that extra push you need to get going at the gym.

Give yourself the chance to achieve anything you wish with Hydroxycut Shred by MuscleTech. Having the right diet and exercise plan suitable to your fitness goals will also play an essential part in helping you stay on track of your journey.

How many times have you got the gym and felt like you had nothing in the tank? Sometimes after a hard day at work or studying can take its toll on energy levels, so getting to the gym might be a struggle. Hydroxycut Shred will support your energy requirements so you can get to the gym and feel like a beast.

When you take Hydroxycut Shred by MuscleTech, you’ll:
  • Support better energy requirements, so when you are at the gym, you can work hard to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Support your body composition goals. Give your all and achieve anything you set your mind into it.
  • Sustain better focus and concentration when you are exercising. Put your mind into it and give your best, so you are one step closer to reaching your fitness goals.

MuscleTech formulated Hydroxycut Shred for those who want an extra push when it comes to calorie processing and energy requirements. Don’t settle for second best, stay on top of your fitness and health goals, the sky is the limit. This product contains 250mg of caffeine per 6.7g and should only be consumed by adults.

Each serve (1 scoop/6.7g) of Hydroxycut Shred by MuscleTech has:
  • 1.5g of L-carnitine L-tartrate
  • 250mg of Caffeine
  • 20mg of Grains of Paradise
  • 100mg of Theacrine
  • 200mg of C. Canephora Robusta Extract