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When formulating Proven1 ISO1, We had one plan in mind, Keep it simple with premium ingredients and awesome flavours. Every scoop contains between 23.9-24.4 (flavour dependant) of our mouthwatering Whey protein blend. With 3 epic flavours to choose from you will get a Solid hit of protein post workout or upping your intake through the day. We added Digestive enzymes that worked wonders for us, for increased absorption and optimising gut health. Another bonus is ISO1 contains ZERO gluten! fantastic for all of you with gluten intolerance's. Simple yet effective it doesn't get much better than that. 

Key Points:

118 calories per serve (flavour dependant)

Whey protein isolate

100% HQ Whey protein

Added digestive enzymes

23.9 grams of protein per serve (flavour dependant)

30 serves

100% Gluten free

Directions: Mix 1 full scoop with 8 oz of water.