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25g 100% Whey protein Isolate - Fast absorbing and fast digesting.

6.2g BCAA's (Naturally occuring) - No amino spiking, no nitrogine spiking. 

2.8g L-Leucine (Naturally occuring) - Activates mtor switch on muscle building and stimulates protein synthesis to build muscle.

4.7g Glutamine + Glutamic acid (Naturally occuring) - Minimise breakdown of muscle, improves protein metabolism and immunity support. 

2000mg Velositol - Enhances muscle protein synthesis (MPS) Boosts the power of protein. 

100mg Digezyme - Improves nutrient digestion and utilization

50mg Astragin - Increases amino acid absorption and repairs the health of intestinal walls.

114 Calories - Amazing taste, easing mixxing, no clumps. 

0 -No gums, no creamers, no fillers, ultra filtered premium whey protein isolate. 

0 - Gluten free, non GMO, contains less then 1% lactose.