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OxyShred is the world’s best fat burner! The most advanced and potent thermogenic ever developed. Dont take our word for it. See the reviews from tens of thousands of Elite Supps customers and check our their amazing results and achievements. 

  • Limits Calorie Absorption by the Body (reduces appetite) 
  • Destroys Stubborn Fat Cells
  • Immunity Supports / No Jitters or Anxiety
  • Mood Enhancers 
  • Constant Energy 

OxyShred introduced a market first. Scientifically researched fat cell break down know as hyper-lipolysis, Hyper-Lipolysis is a complex process of enhanced burning of the subcutaneous fat molecules. The key Hyper-lipolysis Matrix is a scientific break-through based on proprietary ratios and concentrations. Ensure you stay hydrated because you will sweat!

Is Oxyshred Vegan ? 

Oxyshred contains no animal-based ingredients but due to being manufactured in a facility which processes whey protein, vegan certification cannot be achieved.