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  1. What Is It? This is an extreme energy pre-workout supplement.
  2. How Do I Use It? Take 1 serving 20 minutes prior to training.
  3. Who is this for? Seventh gear is for the hardest workers in the room that want that extra kick for their workouts!

Key Features:

  • High energy pre-workout.
  • Long-lasting energy with no crash.
  • 10/10 flavour profiles.
  • Great mental focus.

Axe & Sledge Seventh Gear is one of the most exciting high energy pre-workout supplements to hit the market in recent times.

IFBB Pro Seth Feroce and his team set out to create a product to take your training session to the next level, something to take you past the standard set by your current pre-workout.

Specifically formulated to increase energy, maximize focus & enhance muscular endurance, Seventh Gear packs a whopping 500mg of stimulants into each and every serving.