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Muscle Hydration, Growth & Repair, BCAAs, Citrulline, Glutamine & Electrolytes

* 7000mg of Muscle Recovery Scientifically Researched 2.1.1 BCAAs

* 2500mg of L-Glutamine for Additional Muscle Repair

*Citrulline Malate & Electrolytes for Nutrient Transport, Pump & Hydration

Zero Carbs & Zero SugarsScivation Xtend - Simple but powerful! That’s what thousands of users have discovered after using Xtend from Scivation. Made up BCAA’s, citrulline and glutamine, Xtend provides some of the most important and proven anabolic and performance enhancing amino acids; helping you to power through every workout and come out strong the other side. The new Scivation Xtend is the most advanced sugar free and carbohydrate free Intra-Workout Catalyst in the world! Xtend is scientifically formulated to maximize training intensity and promote optimal muscle protein synthesis and recovery while you train. Proven effective in two university studies, Xtend is formulated with a precise PentActive blend of active ingredients, synergistically involved in key cellular processes to optimize muscle performance and response: